Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kitchens are awesome!

Hey lovely's!I just posted this beauty over on my personal blog if you are interested!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sugar and Spice Baby Shower (with tips on how to throw a party on a budget)

Guess who is having a baby girl?!? These beauties right here of course!!!
HAHAHAHAHA!!! oh Lance and Atalie how I love you both!!!
Okay but for real.... how cute are these two?!?! Seriously though- their baby girl is going to be a dream!! I cannot wait to snuggle her with kisses!!!
and so of course we couldn't let this amazing occasion go without throwing an amazing baby shower!! So this lovely and I (ya I pretty much have gorgeous friends!) decided throw a shower!!
We were on a bit of a budget crunch with our hubby’s finishing school and well lets face it- life in general :)
So we decided to keep it simple- however the best part of being on a budget is you get to be creative- use your imagination and get your craft on!!
One common concern when planning a party on a budget is- quality. Nobody wants to throw a party or a shower that is dull and we are here to prove that even when on a budget- you can still have the perfect outcome!
We decided on a Sugar and Spice theme because what's more perfect for the worlds sweetest new arrival... who most definitely will have some spice just like her incredible parents!!! (wink! wink!)
It all started with the desire to throw a shower that was- cute and classy while still being fun and affordable!

what is cuter and classier than a sugar and spice theme... am I right or what?!?!? Our options were endless!

When on a party budget your first step needs to be doing a bit of inventory!
Make a list with three columns of the following:
#1- party themes/ideas
#2 what you need (list for each theme on your list)
#3 what you already have
Lucky for me I LOVE d├ęcor.. Especially when you can incorporate it with other goods.. like treats..  or dessert bars... so I am always stocked up on jars.. all shapes, sizes, for every occasion!
don't you worry your little heart... this was not the set up of the shower- I was just checking set up ideas.. and candy ideas :) gotta take care of that sweet tooth- right?!?!
Jars are an excellent center piece or even just placed round about as needed! Since we chose to do a Sugar and Spice sweets bar we had them grouped together like so...

sorry I don't have a better picture- but trust me - it was cute!
And since it was a luncheon we also had some delicious wrap sandwiches as well as some simple and delicious fruit!
You can also get creative with your fruit! Brit's amazing idea to slice the apples with an apple peeler was amazing! don't they look absolutely amazing and super delish! :)
Topped off with a bit of cake for dessert!
want to save some extra money- you can get creative with your desserts! and if you are feeling brave- you can make them yourselves rather than picking them up from a bakery! I made this baby bump cake along with the homemade fondant and saved the estimated 200+ that I would have paid elsewhere.
Remember- you don't have to be fancy shmancy or spend lots of money to have a fun and cute evening!
we had such a fun outcome with all of these cute girls as well as those not pictured- thanks to all who came! Such a fun time!!
Have questions or input!
Let us know what you think!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A little bit of party planning!!!

Alright loves so basically I love to bake- decorate- and well .... just have FUN! So if you follow my personal blog you may have already seen these lovelies but if you are new here- they are new to you! so sit back and enjoy!

Little K's first birthday:
"a little cake, a lot of fun- our little monster is turning one!"

Bridal Shower:
"He popped the question- She said yes!"

Bridal Shower:
"Love is in bloom!"

Baby Shower:
"Look whoooos having baby"

Valentines planning:
"Love is in the air"

Introducing Sweet Lemon Lane

You know when you're little and you have those big dreams to be a doctor, actress, teacher,etc.. etc.. etc... oh but not just one of them of course- because heaven knows that would be far too easy! I wanted to be all of them and more! And so.. I figured what is stopping me- right? 
Okay let me explain.. no I do not have crazy career in the spot light or even a medical degree of that magnitude! BUT... I am a wife and a mommy! And that right there is all I could have ever imagined and more! I am now able to do everything I love not for money but for the pure joy of doing it! I get to fixed scratched knees with kisses and band-aids, I get to be on call 24/7 as I am able to snuggle and soothe on those restless nights,  I get to entertain in every way possible- that's right step aside Hollywood- The real talent is right here!! :) Nothing is better then watching your babies give you a look of wonder- amazement- and sometimes even a little terror as you sing and dance around the house like a mad women! And the best part is- they watch- they listen- and they learn every single day! Everything you do amazes them- everything you say, they mimic. You are a teacher in the greatest of ways- because you are a parent! And trust me- it is a truly remarkable blessing each and every day that I wouldn't trade anything in the world for! 
It was through this amazing adventure of parenthood that I began to create, imagine, and dream! 
Sweet Lemon Lane all started with an idea- after seeing so many things on pintrest and  dreaming each day when heading to work to simply stay home and play with my little mister I thought what the heck! I had received a number of requests for bowties that I would make for my little mister, headbands I would make for myself, and numerous other household items- that I figured maybe this could be something- maybe I can make this little dream a reality! 
Having a boy- you notice that it is the small things that make the biggest difference. Don't get me wrong I love having a boy but you just need to get creative sometimes! I believe it is also the same with your day to day life- from the way you dress, to the things you eat, to what you do! It is the little things that make the  biggest differences! 
So it was decided- Sweet Lemon Lane would be a place I could let go- be me- and create! So sit back enjoy and feel free to give input at any time! It is always welcomed!! :) 

Sweet Lemon Lane- Its the little things that make the biggest difference! Bringing you apparel, home decor, and much more! Putting some zest in your day to day living!